About JIAOLIU Kamakura
The keyword of our activity is JIAOLIU (interaction) and mutual respect.

Message from the President / Purpose of the establishment

In recent years, globalization has accelerated flows of people across borders. As we watch current world affairs around Japan, it is essential that Japanese and foreign nationals deepen mutual understanding.

Taking this great opportunity, we would like to introduce Japanese history and culture not only to foreign visitors but also to foreign nationals who are living in Japan in order to develop international exchange. We also have programs to assist the foreigners who are living in Japan with our translation and interpretation services.

It is trust that promotes international communication and establishes relationship based on mutual understanding.

The name of our organization, JIAOLIU, derives from “interaction” in Chinese.
JIAOLIU Kamakura is an NPO, based in Kamakura, will expand the global interactions through our international volunteer activities.

President: Junko Arai


Address: 5-45-14 Fueda, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, JAPAN
TEL/FAX: 0467-32-9217
Board chairman: Junko Arai
Director: Yoshinobu Ogata・Youko Hirota
Auditor: Hideo Shiroi