Enjoy the culture! Tour guide

Features of JIAOLIU tour guide

All tour guides are well acquainted with Japanese culture

Our guides are well acquainted with Japanese culture and place importance on communication with our customers. We will take you around Kamakura and Yokohama for you to enjoy Japanese lifestyle and culture from a unique perspective.

Supported areas: Kanagawa prefecture including Kamakura and Yokohama
Supported languages: mainly Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean



Reasonable price

1 day (10 people) 36,750 yen + transportation
Half day (10 people) 21,000 yen + transportation


Q: How many guides do you have?
A: We constantly have 10 – 20 professional guides.
Q: What languages are available for the tour guide?
A: English and Chinese are the main languages. Please consult us for other languages.

Q&A Last Update : 2015-10-31